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" Serena" is a lovely daughter of "Mountain Highs Shoot The Moon", she is heavily appaloosa bred. I can't say enough good things about her. She has one of the prettiest heads I've seen. Love this mare!!
Appaloosa- lp/lp
Patn 1- N/N
Red/Black- ee
Gray- nn
Silver- nn
"Confetti" is a darling little mare with great conformation, and well bred horses in her pedigree. Sweet little mare with color to burn!!
Animal Genetics:
Appaloosa- LP/lp
Red/Black- Ee
Tobiano- nT
Gray- nn

"Ruby" is a loud mare that has heavy appaloosa lines. Her dam is a daughter of "Brewers Orion Prophecy" and we couldn't be happy with this nice mare!!
Animal Genetics:
Appaloosa- LP/LP
Patn 1- N/Patn1
Red/Black- ee
Gray- nn
"Beamer" is a nice appaloosa mare with the bloodlines of Alamo, VGF, Little America, and JTR to name a few. Her Sire was a gorgeous leopard that was exported to Mexico!!
Animal Genetics:
Appaloosa- LP/lp
Patn 1- N/N
Red/Black- Ee
gray- nn
"Abby" is a nice appaloosa daughter of Top Ten and Multi Champion producer "Fallen Ash Farms Scouts Dark Design". Her dam is "Happy Appy" and Dels breeding. She has a darling head with big soft eyes.
Animal Genetics:
Appaloosa- LP/lp
Patn1- N/Patn1
"Quizzy" is a nice coal black mare with a blaze face and a lot of well known horses in her pedigree, a sweet mare thats a double bred " Lazy H Desert Storm" Granddaughter!!
Animal Genetics:
Appaloosa- lp/lp
Patn1- N/N
Red/Black- EE
AMHA # A172221 AMHR # 304619A
                      DOB. 06/12/2006
               Black Appaloosa / 30.5
Sire: Winners Circle Wampum
Grandsire: Brewers Orion Illusion
Granddam: Bond Lode Star

Dam: Derbystown Miss Emotion
Grandsire: Sweetwaters E K Little Barney
Granddam: Spotted Acres Mixed Emotion
AMHA # A206055 AMHR # 310855T
                      DOB. 03/26/2011
               Sorrel Appaloosa / 33.0
Sire: T Bar T Firecrackers Dynomite
Grandsire: Sunnyside Firecracker
Granddam: T Bar T Tiggers Bonita Pocahonas

Dam: Tinys Trotters Onyx
Grandsire: Brewers Orion Prophecy
Granddam: Tiny Trotters Whisper
AMHA # A164948 AMHR # 296335A
                      DOB. 04/28/2005
             Sorrel Appaloosa / 31.75
Sire: Mountain Highs Shoot The Moon
Grandsire: Hidden Meadows Moon Dust
Granddam: LB Daisy Mae

Dam: Hunt House Farms Moonlight
Grandsire: Magic Place Moonbeam
Granddam: Minnesota Miniatures Dream Girl
AMHA # A168398 AMHR # 328754A
                      DOB. 03/24/2006
              Black Appaloosa / 32.50
Sire: Little Americas D S What A Dream
Grandsire: Lazy H Desert Storm
Granddam: Little Americas Miss Loud N Silver

Dam: Little Americas D S Lady Elaine
Grandsire: Lazy H Desert Storm
Granddam: Little Americas Tex Double X-
AMHA # A207341 AMHR # 316957A
                      DOB. 07/20/2010
               Black Appaloosa / 30.0
Sire: Fallen Ash Farms Scouts Dark Design
Grandsire: L&D Scout
Granddam: Fallen Ash Farms National Velvet

Dam: Godspeeds Happy Appy
Grandsire: Godspeeds I'm Happy 2
Granddam: Dells Dolly Sensation
AMHA # A203283 AMHR # 321754A
                      DOB. 04/23/2010
              Black Appaloosa / 32.75
Sire: Alamos Chicatos Gotcha Spotted
Grandsire: VFG El Chatit0
Granddam: Alamos Snow On The Mountain

Dam: Little Americas What A Lady
Grandsire: Little Americas What A Dream
Granddam: Little Americas DS Lady Elaine
"Fanci" is a pretty mare thats an AMHA World Champion and multiple Top Tens. She is a very sweet girl and has lots of color. Very pleased with her!
Appaloosa- LP/lP
Patn 1- N/Patn1
Silver- nn
Gray- nn
AMHA # A172740 AMHR # A
                      DOB. 06/27/2006
                Black Appaloosa / 32.0
Sire: RSB Stormin Norman
Grandsire: Driftin Thunder
Granddam: Brewers Classic Silver Mist

Dam: Owsley Fork Miss Moneypenny
Grandsire: Jalbert Van Double Dutch
Granddam: Owsley Fork Copper Penny
AMHA # A155561 AMHR # 258233A
                      DOB. 02/29/2004
               Grullo Appaloosa / 32.5
Sire: Yashica Light Vant Huttenest
Grandsire: Orion Light Vant Huttenest
Granddam: Vahalla Bird Vant Huttenest

Dam: NY Laurel Acres Ranch Pecan Sandi
Grandsire: NFCS Ima Dandy Husseler
Granddam: Low Country Lambchop
"Tessa" was a multiple Top Ten AMHA World winner as a younger mare, Tessa has gone on to produce winning foals. This mare has a beautiful, short, dishy head with small ears and huge eyes. To top it off, she has a wonderfully kind and friendly temperament.
Lab tested: Grullo Appaloosa- LP/lP
Patn 1- N/Patn1
Gray- nn

"Gem" is a nice mare that is a daughter of "Carousel Designer Legacy". Very pretty headed and big soft eye. Gem is a favorite around here!!
Appaloosa- LP/lP
Patn 1- N/Patn1
Red/Black - Ee
AMHA # A199294 AMHR # 304059A
                      DOB. 04/28/2010
                Bay Appaloosa / 32.0
Sire: Carousel Designer Legacy
Grandsire: Carousel Fire Lance
Granddam: Carousel Zippa D Doodah

Dam: Mardi Gras Order Of Black Jewels
Grandsire: Mardi Gras Order Of Polka Dots
Granddam: Mardi Gras Links Proud Princes
"Thousand Oaks Yashicas Contessa"
"Moriahs I B Fanci "
"Kakos Jewels Designer Gem"
"Salty Creeks Orion Confetti"
"Mystic Rocks Ruby Inferno"
"Olive Branches Moonlight Serenade"
"Little Americas What A Lady"
"Godspeeds Designs Appsolutely"
"TX TLC Till The Last Moon Rises"